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Photo submission Guidelines
For print production, a photo's resolution should generally be 300 dpi. If you don't have available means of checking, here are some general hints and guidelines.

1.  Photos taken from web pages (or processed for use on web pages) are not usable. These are generally just 72 dpi, and the file size is most often 20-50 KB. (On a PC, use the "Details" view to see the size of a file.)

2.  If you are using a picture-viewing application to initiate the email, make sure you use the highest-quality setting. (The default usually creates smaller versions of a photo, meant only for on-screen viewing.)

3.  If possible, try to locate the original photo file on your hard disk and attach it to a fresh email. Check the size of the file first ("Details" view on a PC). If it is under 75 KB, it will be unusable for the newspaper. From 75 to 150 KB may be OK for head-and-shoulders (portrait) photos. Other kinds of photos should be significantly larger (over 300 KB, as shown in the "Details" view).

4.  If you are sending the original image file and the file itself is still small according to the guidelines in #3, your digital camera may be saving images at a reduced size (in order to store more photos on the memory card). You can change this setting on virtually all digital cameras. For photos that meet Voice printing requirements, cameras should be set to save images at the highest quality possible. Consult your manual, if necessary, or talk to a more experienced photographer.

5.  Also bear in mind that photos of large groups are less likely to be used, since faces are hard to distinguish at normal newspaper sizes. Furthermore, photos depicting activity are more likely to be used than posed photos of people standing in a line.

6.  Include in your e-mail the full names of each person in the photo (from left to right), the name of the event with date and location, and the sponsoring parish, school or organization. If the photo was requested by a Voice staff member, please note the staff member's name and the topic of the story for which the photo will be used.

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