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placeholder October 23, 2017   •   VOL. 55, NO. 18   •   Oakland, CA
Letters from Readers
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DACA first step

One social justice issue the US Catholic bishops have actively supported is the DACA or Dreamer program. Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ, in the Sept. 18 Voice was strong in his opposition to the administration's move to end the program.

This is consistent with his other stances on the immigration issue. We are followers of Christ first, above any allegiance to a government or any of its unjust laws. Christ teaches us that every human being has an intrinsic value as a child of God that must be acknowledged and honored. This includes the refugee, the immigrant, the poor, the vulnerable and the outcast. As Christians, we are not given the option to pick and choose whom we will honor and support.

Christ said "everyone." He is very clear and unequivocal in his preaching throughout the Gospels. Congress has been dragging its heels on passing a comprehensive immigration bill for the last 15 years. During the George W. Bush administration they were very close to enacting a fair program that would have provided a permanent solution and a path to citizenship. It was supported by legislators on both sides of the aisle.

Since that time hearts have been hardened, lines have been drawn and campaign chests have been filled, so now it is very difficult to pass a comprehensive bill. The least that we can do at this time is to let our legislators know that the provisions of the DACA must be made into law. It is a necessary first step.

Dennis Wasco

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