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Faith, knowledge, service Focus of annual Catholic Schools Week

Network of seven schools to reshape Catholic education

Catholic schools providing teaching love, example

Cristo Rey
high school working toward fall 2018 opening

Majority of St. Elizabeth transfers accept offers at Catholic high schools

Bright lights of
Catholic education

FACE recipient:
'It is such a great
thing for you
to help our family'

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St. Bede School
sends shoes
to North Africa

School children
from all grades
learning to code

SJND students
step up with holiday help for families

BOD football team champions

Our Lady of Guadalupe —
with song, dance
and giant puppets

Demonstrated excellence
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Catholic schools outperform in SATs

New classical academy
reaching out

When the Christ
of Christmas
appears as
a migrant

When you think
of MLK, don't
forget the faith
that inspired him

placeholder January 23, 2017   •   VOL. 55, NO. 2   •   Oakland, CA
Catholic Schools Week

Jose Garcia and Roxana Guzman and their sons Jose and Damien.
Courtesy photo

FACE recipient: 'It is such a great thing
for you to help our family'

In this school year, 396 elementary school students are receiving grants from Family Aid Catholic Education — FACE — while 325 high school students are grant recipients. To help put a face on FACE, longtime volunteer Patricia Niedermeyer talked with Roxana Guzman of Richmond. She and her husband Jose Garcia are the parents of two sons who attend St. Cornelius School in Richmond, with financial assistance from FACE.

FACE the facts
In 2016-2017
396 elementary school students receive $1,750 per student.
325 high school students receive $3,050 per student.
Deadline to apply for 2017-18 grants: March 16, 2017
For more information:www.oakdiocese.org/

When: May 20
Where: Blackhawk Automotive Museum, Danville
For more information:www.oakdiocese.org/
What is the best part of being at a Catholic school for your family?

Everything really! Religion is most important, education, families, the school community … it feels like they knew me forever.

Tell me about your experience.

Our first year we could not afford to attend St. Cornelius School. We visited and wished we could send our children. We were so surprised that the kids were so well behaved and kind. The teachers were so good and very friendly. The children and teachers all said 'Good Morning' and 'Good Afternoon'. They learned about God and at the same time got the good education they need. We prayed all that year that God would help us find a way to go to this school.

We were very happy after applying to get the FACE grant. We were so happy to be there! We love how well everyone treats each other and the priorities of education and God. Especially my son Jose, he loves math, music, soccer, the after school program and he loves his teachers. Both my sons love Christmas at St. Cornelius!

Please tell me about your sons and what their interests are.

Damien loves his teachers, and his favorite subjects are art and science. He loves anything creative, such as the after

school robotics program. Both boys love the after school program with science experiments and robotics. Damien would like to be president and Jose would like to study science and archeology.

Why is FACE important for parents?

We give thanks to God first for this! Without Him we have nothing. When we moved here, we wanted something more for our children. We are a family that prays together and every night at dinner we give thanks to God for our meals and each other and our school. Anything God puts here for us, there is a reason. We feel so blessed to be at St. Cornelius. Every day we thank God for each other and our marriage and family.

Can you tell me a little about yourselves?

We moved from Bay Point to Richmond. My husband works construction and I clean houses sometimes. The grandparents are in Pittsburg and Bay Point. We spend time with our children every night.

What would you want to say to the supporters of FACE?

I have no words to say how much it means to have FACE ... because it means so much to our family. We feel really, really blessed and every night we say I love you to each other and thank God.

First I want to say God bless you from the bottom of our hearts! It is such a great thing for you to help our family. You're giving us a big hand — thank you, a very sincere thank you. People who believe in making a difference regardless of color or gender or other differences are so good.

As parents, our main concerns are giving our children our faith and a very good education and the help we get, we really appreciate!

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