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Faith, knowledge, service Focus of annual Catholic Schools Week

Network of seven schools to reshape Catholic education

Catholic schools providing teaching love, example

Cristo Rey
high school working toward fall 2018 opening

Majority of St. Elizabeth transfers accept offers at Catholic high schools

Bright lights of
Catholic education

FACE recipient:
'It is such a great
thing for you
to help our family'

to be closed

St. Bede School
sends shoes
to North Africa

School children
from all grades
learning to code

SJND students
step up with holiday help for families

BOD football team champions

Our Lady of Guadalupe —
with song, dance
and giant puppets

Demonstrated excellence
in science

Catholic schools outperform in SATs

New classical academy
reaching out

When the Christ
of Christmas
appears as
a migrant

When you think
of MLK, don't
forget the faith
that inspired him

placeholder January 23, 2017   •   VOL. 55, NO. 2   •   Oakland, CA
Catholic Schools Week

Catholic schools outperform in SATs

ARLINGTON, VA — The College Board SAT Subject Tests scores show that religiously affiliated schools, which include Catholic schools, scored significantly higher than the national mean for public schools on the new version of the SAT. The SAT Program uses a 200—800-point scale in three categories: math, reading and writing.

Religiously affiliated students had a mean score of 532 in math, 537 in reading and 525 in writing compared to the public school mean score of 487 in math, 494 in reading and 472 in writing. The national mean score is 494 for math, 508 for reading and 482 for writing.

Catholic schools comprise 22.3 percent of private schools, yet enroll 42.9 percent of the private school population. More than 46 percent of private schools are other religious schools enrolling 37.3 percent of the students in nonpublic schools. The full report is available at http://bit.ly/2ihVZnR.

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