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placeholder January 18, 2016   •   VOL. 54, NO. 2   •   Oakland, CA
Catholic Schools Week

With the old cloakrooms removed, pupils and teachers alike have more elbow room.

Volunteers help improve classrooms

A small but talented team of volunteers was instrumental in transforming School of the Madeleine classrooms, and for that, the whole community is enormously grateful.

Led by Jed Daoust, a Madeleine parent and owner of Daoust Design and Construction, the team included Basak Cakici-Adams, a Madeleine parent and member of the facility advisory board who served as a detail and color consultant during both design and build phases; TJ Mark, a Madeleine parent and advisory board member who worked with Basak to get the initial conceptual design off the ground; and Fred Schmidt, a Madeleine parent and owner of FJS Associates, a commercial painting company who donated the painting labor for the project.

As team leader, Daoust was immersed at every turn: from the earliest discussions about revamping the Berkeley school's classrooms to the final touches that appear in the classrooms today. "We spent hundreds of hours poring over every possible detail to ensure we were maximizing our investment and providing a world-class, 21st-century learning environment for our children," Daoust said. "It has been an awesome collaboration."

The final classrooms are a triumph. There's additional storage, with whole cabinets hidden neatly behind new movable whiteboards. With the old cloakrooms removed, pupils and teachers alike have more elbow room. Even the precise location of the projectors, fans and window shades was considered, resulting in an intuitively thoughtful 21st-century learning and teaching environment.

At the same time, Daoust and his team made sure the alterations were respectful of the long-standing traditions of this 78-year-old building.

"Jed's stewardship from the beginning gave us all confidence that the 21st-century classroom project would exceed all of our expectations, be done in time, and would remain on budget and Jed accomplished all three," said Principal Ken Willers. "I am tremendously grateful for [the team's] expertise, generous spirit and commitment to the mission of the Madeleine," he said.

The School of the Madeleine community offers a profound thank you to Jed, Basak, TJ and Fred, Willers said.

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