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November 9, 2015   •   VOL. 53, NO. 19   •   Oakland, CA
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and a desire to change the world

Chancery, cathedral parking changes
Parishes begin using funds raised
by Capital Campaign

Members of the Capital Campaign Leadership Committee at St. Patrick's Parish, Rodeo: from left, Eric Meyers, Judy Meyers, Chuck Hucks, Gloria Martin, Olga Poblete, Ivy Hucks, Rev. Ben Wonganant, Sally Chong, Peter Chong, Alma Yee and Rev. Larry Young. Not pictured, Lorelie Ocampo.

The back parking lot at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Pittsburg is repaved.

Roof repairs are complete at St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Concord.

Painting, window repairs and deferred maintenance is done at St. Leo the Great Parish in Oakland.

In Rodeo, St. Patrick's Church will get its first paint job, while plans for a new multipurpose building are drawn up.

Throughout the Diocese of Oakland, its 83 parishes are getting their 25 percent share of Capital Campaign monies. The campaign was designed to raise money for parishes, social services, clergy retirement, education and debt relief.

The Capital Campaign, launched in mid-2014, estimates it has collected or received pledges of $40 million. Many people who pledged did so on a four-year payment plan, so as their donations come in, more money can be distributed.

The diocesan Finance Department reports it has made a $22 million principal payment on bond obligations. And, as promised, it is returning 25 percent of each parish's campaign collection to the parish. Parishes that exceed 100 percent of their goal will get 50 percent of the excess. Parishes have received an aggregate amount of $2.3 million so far in disbursements made in July and this month.

This was the first capital campaign undertaken by the diocese, said Ken Hokenson, executive director of the Office for Mission Advancement.

"While it has not been an easy task, I want to thank the pastors, volunteers, parish staffs and Bishop Barber for their hard work and commitment to the campaign," he said.

Rev. Larry Young, pastor at St. Patrick Rodeo and a member of the Priests Advisory Council for the campaign, said, "People came together. Some people in my parish made contributions — they didn't all have it, but they made sacrifices.

Some parishes were tight financially, he noted. With the recession, "a lot of people didn't have the money."

What's more, Father Young said, "We never had a capital campaign before. People weren't used to it."

On the positive side, he said, many parishes exceeded their campaign goal. And the campaign went beyond parishes — many schools and communities got involved.

"There was a buy-in. People said we believe in this," Father Young said. St. Patrick's Church building, built in 1997, has never been painted, he said. After power washing and repairs to a pesky leaky roof are tested, the bids will go out for painting inside and out. "We want to brighten up the church," he said.

In the meantime, there'll be a feasibility study for a new building on the parish grounds to meet multiple needs.

"For the most part, this has been a wonderful example by our entire Church family working together to benefit our parishes, our ministries and the financial sustainability of our Church of the East Bay," Hokenson said.

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