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placeholder May 4, 2015   •   VOL. 53, NO. 9   •   Oakland, CA
Catholic Women

Women who make a difference

The Catholic Voice asked East Bay Catholics to suggest some of the Catholic outstanding women who make a difference for the Church. In the May 18 issue we'd like to recognize some of the diocese's hard-working men and women volunteers. If you have an unsung hero in your parish, send the person's name and contact information, a photo if you have one, and why you think he or she should be recognized, no later than May 8 to news@oakvoice.org, or via fax, 510-893-4734 or mail, to The Catholic Voice, 2121 Harrison St., Oakland 94612. Here are some of our dedicated women:

Gloria Arce
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish, Fremont

"Gloria has been very active at Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish for 40 years or more. She currently is the unofficial head sacristan; leads a weekly Communion Service at a health care center; assists at funerals; takes Holy Communion to numerous other homebound parishioners; is part of the Liturgy and Carnival Committees; and reads at both the English and Spanish Masses. She was committed to the parish as a whole after the combining of two parishes, rather than changing parishes because the church was going to be at the "other location."

Nominated by Rev. John Prochaska

Gloria Garcia
Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish, San Leandro

"This energetic 84-year-old lady is not only an accomplished pianist, but she is also a woman of faith. She started and is still involved with the parish's children's choir. Gloria is also instrumental in starting the devotion to the Black Nazarene in the Bay Area. The Black Nazarene is a dark-colored, wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ, held to be miraculous by many Filipino devotees. For the last 32 years she has been taking the statue of the Black Nazarene from house to house every Sunday."

Nominated by Bella Comelo

Mary Loggins
St. Patrick Parish, Oakland

A member of the St. Vincent de Paul Conference, Loggins "helps oversee an after school program for children with food insecurity. They receive lunches, food boxes and store gift cards for necessities."

Nominated by Marilyn Cahill

Penny Mansalay
St. Joachim Parish, Hayward

"In addition to being a lector and a catechist, she has been serving St. Joachim Parish as the member of the Transition Committee, member of the Pastoral Council, chairman of the Recruitment Committee and Head of the Lector Ministry. When there was a need she even served the parish for a short time as Director of Religious Education. She has been serving St. Joachim community in all these positions at different times purely as a volunteer. No wonder she is held in high esteem both by the clergy and the parishioners of St. Joachim."

Nominated by Rev. Joseph Antony Sebastian, SVD

Jo Ann Miller
St. Joseph, Fremont

Miller oversees the spiritual development of the St. Vincent de Paul membership and works on issues of social justice awareness including local human trafficking issues. She actively helps those who are most vulnerable find help, safety and support in their community.

Nominated by Marilyn Cahill

Anita Marquez
St. Leander Parish, San Leandro

"Mrs. Marquez has been a longtime member of St. Leander Parish. She started teaching CCD classes 40 years ago, when her youngest of eight children started those classes. She has been the director of our CCD program and Eucharistic process for 27 years. Among her other ministries: coordinator of the parish's RCIA process, a Eucharistic minister and lector. She is special to our parish because of her kindness and compassion to others, and her dedication and willingness to help the parish as needed."

Nominated by Trudy Miller

Diana Nagy
St. Isidore Parish, Danville

"Diana has been a fixture in the music ministry at St. Isidore's, at least since I moved here from Southern California in 1984. She is more than someone who sings in the choir on Sunday. Diana makes herself available for anything Catholic — funerals, weddings, conferences and more. She has also been featured on CNN and as the person singing "The Star Spangled Banner" at A's and Giant's games. But the Church is her first love and everything else comes in at a distant second."

Nominated by Thomas M. Loarie

Beverly O'Connor
St. Isidore Parish, Danville

"Bev does so much for our parish. Bev is a Eucharistic Minister. Bev coordinates the Our Lady of Fatima National Pilgrim Statue coming to St. Isidore. When the statue came last fall, Bev opened her home to those caring and responsible for the statue and had Father Gerald Moran, myself and others over for a celebration of the events. Bev helps in other ministries and is a mainstay of spreading the Gospel in our community and beyond."

Nominated by Ray Velasco

Florence Ottoboni
St. Augustine Parish, Oakland

Ottoboni administers the St. Vincent de Paul conference, secures help for needy children's school supplies and school clothing for families, distributes food stipends and helps individuals living in a safe house connected to the convent. She is a longtime, active, influential conference member.

Nominated by Marilyn Cahill

Mary Owens
St. Augustine Parish, Oakland

Owens is president of the St. Vincent de Paul Conference at St. Augustine, secures help for needy children's school supplies and school clothing for families, distributes food stipends and helps individuals living in a safe house connected to the convent.

Nominated by Marilyn Cahill

Madeline Pinkard
St. Patrick Parish, Oakland

Pinkard is president and administers the St. Vincent de Paul Conference at St. Patrick. With a background in social justice and years working in the juvenile detention system, she oversees after school programs for children with food insecurity. They receive lunches, food boxes and store gift cards for necessities. Pinkard was a longtime board member at St. Vincent de Paul of Alameda County until 2014 and the board's spiritual adviser.

Nominated by Marilyn Cahill

Maggie Ringle
St. Raymond Parish, Dublin

Maggie Ringle, our parish Director of Religious Education, has been involved with faith formation more than 25 years and her creativity and dedication has made the CCD programs thrive in so many respects. Maggie also is the chairperson of our parish family fall festival to bring our community together. She also plays the drums at some of our Masses. She has inspired thousands of youth to grow in their faith of Jesus Christ.

Nominated by Sylvia San Miguel

Annette Roux
St. Stephen Parish, Walnut Creek

"She is willing to jump in when something needs to be done and is able to do it all. She sees that people feel welcome either in the church or at a function in the parish hall. What-ever the case, she is there for everything and everyone."

Nominated by Tony Romano

Heather Skinner
School of the Madeleine, Berkeley

"Heather helps shepherd us through both good and bad times. She joyfully orchestrates celebrations around Baptisms and First Communions, as well as graduations, birthdays and even local sports team victories. She also helps us come together in prayer and support during times of communal tragedy and loss. She has provided great comfort to many."

Nominated by Rev. Kieran Healy, pastor

Judy Valladao
St. Jerome Parish, El Cerrito

How much volunteer work can one woman do? Judy Valladao of St. Jerome Parish has shopped, cooked and served meals for 300 people at the Richmond Souper Center once a month since 1987. On the in-between weekends she preps the food for monthly Parish social events, serves all parish receptions, and brews up delicious Friday Lenten Soup suppers. Over the years she has chaired the school PTG and the Parish Council, and more recently organized a Crafting Group that makes items to sell at parish fundraisers. Judy serves as a Eucharistic Minister and has been on the parish RCIA team since its inception in 1990. She sets a fine example of service to others for our catechumens.

Nominated by Mary Cortese

Ofelia Wanzo
St. Benedict Parish, Oakland

"She is the director of the CCD program here and she assists in sacramental preparation for our young people. She is a longtime volunteer in this position, and she is always ready, willing and able to respond to a variety of different ministry needs here. She is thoroughly bilingual, and she's also able to communicate well with students who are English or Spanish speaking.

She is a previous recipient of the Ujima Community Service Award from St. Columba Parish in Oakland."

Nominated by Rev. Jayson Landeza

Mary Washington
St. Patrick Parish, Oakland

"When you need something done at St. Patrick, Mary Washington is the one to count on. She loves to dedicate her time, talent and treasures to St. Patrick. Just recently she organized our annual Fish Fry after burying her father. We were all amazed at her ability to set aside her grief at the loss of her father and completely immerse herself in the needs of the parish. Mary is totally committed to the church — she attends Mass regularly, and is a woman of deep faith and prayer. A retired nurse, one would hardly know this lady retired from her profession some years ago. Her youthful energy and zeal makes all of us at St. Patrick proud to have in our lives.

Nominated by Rev. George Quickley, SJ

Jerry Wong
St. Lawrence O'Toole/St. Cyril Parish, Oakland

She does everything at St. Lawrence O'Toole/St. Cyril parish! Let me list a few things — She opens the church; she closes the church. She is the chairperson of the Liturgy Committee and has held this position for many years. She is the lead sacristan. She helps with funerals, fundraisers and any other parish activity that may be taking place. She has planned the parish Holiday Boutique for many years, which includes getting vendors to participate, setting up-closing down and all of the extras that go along with that event. She has educated the parish on disaster/earthquake preparedness and continues to remind us of our need to be prepared. She is an Extraordinary Minister of Communion and a lector. In general, she is a jack-of-all-trades. She is always there when you need her. Whenever things go wrong or we can't find something normally the first words you will hear are "Ask Jerry!"

Nominated by Margaret Soublet

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