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placeholder January 19, 2015   •   VOL. 53, NO. 2   •   Oakland, CA
Letters from Readers
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Consecrated life

In the year of consecrated life, who are we really talking about? The emphasis appears to be on those in vowed religious communities; but what about the rest of us?

A consecrated life has nothing to do with taking vows. If you need vows to keep you in line, then maybe you are not as consecrated as you think.

When Pope Francis says: "The church is mother and it becomes a mother only when she is open to the newness of God, to the power of the Spirit," he is speaking of a truly consecrated Church, which is mostly in the future, if ever.

The New Testament church had no religious orders, but it knew what it meant to be consecrated. They were all saints without any formal canonization. Are we more evolved than they? We need to get back to our beginnings and redefine consecration if we are going to live victorious lives.

Peter Aiello

Remarried communion

The short paragraph (Voice, Dec. 15) reported that Pope Francis' remarks that the Church must find ways to integrate divorced and civilly remarried to receive Communion and to serve as godparents and Eucharistic ministers.

These statements were made in an informal interview and, if the report is accurate, while they may be the Holy Father's feelings, they would be a rupture in the constant teaching of the Church. Pope Emeritus Benedict recently said as much in a new text just released in Germany in the collection of his Opera Omnia.

The media is trying to drive an agenda here just like they tried to do before (and after) Humanae Vitae.

Jack Hockel
Walnut Creek

Why single out race?

The article (Voice, Jan. 5) on Father James V. Matthews being named rector at the Oakland Cathedral noted that Father Matthews, ordained in 1974, was the first African-American to be ordained in Northern California.

With the problems we have these days identifying this and/or that as racist or racism why was it necessary to call attention to the fact that Father Matthews was then and still now is black. How significant or relevant is that detail? Who now needs to know his color? Laud him for his service to the Lord for 40 years. That surely is the newsworthy fact in the article.

The sooner we stop talking racism the sooner we will accept that all men are God's children and that blacks like everyone else are His children too, color notwithstanding.

Horatio F. Ozorio

Advocate for justice

The "Advocate and fighter for justice: Gwen Watson," (Voice, Jan. 5) was greatly appreciated. When it comes to speaking out for justice and acting upon it with others, there is no one finer. However, I was disappointed that her efforts in fighting for justice within the Church were not mentioned.

She helped to arrange the two prayer vigils honoring the LCWR sisters: The 2012 Vigil was held at the Cathedral of Christ the Light; in 2013 the vigil was held in a private garden on the feast of St. Clare. Both vigils were held at the time of the LCWR Annual Meeting in August.

She also helped host the "Nuns on the Bus" for Sunday Mass and lunch at Christ the King Parish in 2013.

It is sad that we so often want to ignore the fact that injustice does not end at our church doors.

Brenda Hepler
Walnut Creek

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Letters to the editor provide a forum for readers to engage in an open exchange of opinions and concerns in a climate of respect and civil discourse. The opinions expressed are those of the writers, and not necessarily of the Catholic Voice or the Diocese of Oakland. While a full spectrum of opinions will sometimes include those which dissent from Church teaching or contradict the natural moral law, it is hoped that this forum will help our readers to understand better others’ thinking on critical issues facing the Church at this time.

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