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placeholder October 27, 2014   •   VOL. 52, NO. 18   •   Oakland, CA
Bishop's Appeal passes goal

Annual Bishop's Appeal

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The Bishop's Appeal, the annual fund-raising effort to assist Catholic services in the Oakland diocese, has surpassed its $2.5 million goal for 2014.

As of Oct. 1, the appeal raised $2,511,596.92.

"We are pleased to have achieved the Annual Bishop's Appeal goal three months earlier than we did last year," said Ken Hokenson, diocesan executive director of mission advancement. "It demonstrates a real commitment from our pastors, parish staff members and most importantly, our generous parishioners."

A $20,000 gift from the St. Andrew Kim Korean Pastoral Center put the appeal over goal. As of Oct. 1, 43 parishes had reached or exceeded their goal. Father Gabriel Myeungsik Kim is director of the Korean Pastoral Center.

"I am so thankful and appreciate the response to the 2014 Bishop's Appeal. I know there are a good number of past donors to the appeal who have yet to make their donations, and I encourage them to continue their support of the appeal," Hokenson said.

The appeal helps pay for programs critical to the life of the diocese, Hokenson said. Among them: seminarian education, priest retirement, Catholic education, smaller infrastructure items and social services.

More than two dozen ministries and programs in the Diocese of Oakland depend on the support of generous donors to the annual Bishop's Appeal, the diocese reports. Catholic Youth Organization, for example, builds Christian sportsmanship in tens of thousands of young people involved on school- and parish-based teams in sports including basketball, cross-country, volleyball and track and field. And an emergency fund to support local parishes can save the day when the roof leaks or plumbing breaks down.

Because the diocesan Capital Campaign — Reclaiming Christ's Mission Together — is being conducted in about half the parishes late this year, and will come to the remaining parishes in 2015, there will be no annual Bishop's Appeal in 2015.

The daily operations of ministries and programs supported by the Bishop's Appeal will be funded through the Capital Campaign in 2015, with $4 million of its $65 million goal directed toward them.

The Bishop's Appeal will return in 2016.

The 2012 appeal was up 9.3 percent over 2011, exceeding its goal of $2.1 million and raising $2.3 million. Also in 2012, 50 of the 84 parishes exceeded their individual goals, up from 44 in 2011.

The appeal also exceeded its $2.5 million goal in 2013, hitting $2.52 million. Also last year, 48 parishes exceeded their goal.

On a national average, dioceses similar in size to Oakland raise $5 million in their annual appeals, about double what Oakland raises. Also, only 9 percent of registered parishioners in the East Bay give to the appeal, compared to 21 percent nationally.

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