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September 9, 2013   •   VOL. 51, NO. 15   •   Oakland, CA
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Parishes, social services, clergy retirement, education and debt relief will all benefit from a multiyear capital campaign that hopes to raise $60 million in the Diocese of Oakland.

At a meeting of about 100 priests of the diocese on Sept. 4 at Transfiguration Parish in Castro Valley, Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ, stressed the need for a capital campaign and the importance of the priests in working with him.

Rules for all fundraising,
common calendar in effect

New rules to improve collaboration and coordination of fundraising for all Catholic entities in the Diocese of Oakland are in effect.

• All gift requests for $50,000 or more, whether they be intended for a corporation, foundation or an individual, will be submitted to Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ, for his review and formal approval.

• Any Catholic entity planning a significant fundraising event projected to raise $50,000 or more will submit the date of the activity to the Office for Mission Advancement.
This process to seek the bishop's formal approval of funding requests is in keeping with Canon 1262 as articulated by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2002, noted Kenneth J. Hokenson, executive director of the Office for Mission Advancement, which manages all diocesan fundraising.

"Please be aware that some foundations, the Raskob and Koch foundations being two, require the formal written approval of the bishop regardless of the amount of the gift request," Hokenson said. "In addition, several major local foundations have also indicated they wish to see a letter of support and approval from the bishop regardless of the amount being requested by a Catholic entity.

"Finally any Catholic entity considering undertaking a significant fundraising campaign should be aware that Bishop's prior approval is required before such a campaign is undertaken, again in accord with Canon 1262."

Organizations seeking approval should allow a minimum of 30 days for the bishop to review such a request. The request should be submitted either electronically or in writing, preferably both to speed up the process, to Hokenson's attention at KHokenson@oakdiocese.org.

Beginning Oct. 1, the Office for Mission Advancement will create a common calendar for fundraising, which will be posted on its website. If an entity intends to invite Bishop Barber to such an event, first contact his administrative assistant, Arlene Beaman, directly at 510-267-8316 to notify her of the event and that you will follow-up with a written invitation for the bishop.

Reminding everyone that stewardship means "everything we have is a gift of love from God," he said, even a faith community has a need for capital.

"I'm certain this campaign is the right response," he said. "Thank you for joining me in this important work.

"This plan is based on personal contact, and providing every family with the opportunity to learn details of the campaign and become informed about how their commitments to give, serve and pray will help achieve our goal," said Bishop Barber.

Details of the campaign and preliminary work will be developed and explained to everyone in the diocese. The annual Bishop's Appeal will be conducted in 2014, take a hiatus in 2015 and return in 2016.

A committee of a dozen priests from geographically diverse areas of the diocese will advise the bishop on the conduct of the campaign. The fundraising firm, Guidance in Giving Inc., which has assisted with the annual diocesan Bishop's Appeal since 2010, will assist the Office for Mission Advancement, the diocese's fundraising arm.

Studies and focus groups conducted in 2012 determined the major categories for the fundraising effort.

Kenneth J. Hokenson, executive director of the Office for Mission Advancement, explained some of the benefits:

• Parishes will be able to share in the funds.

• Funds raised will assist Catholic Charities of the East Bay, the social service and justice arm of the diocese.

• The campaign will provide increased funding for the Priests' Retirement Trust that now provides retirement benefits to about 50 retired priests.

• A new endowment funded through the campaign will provide more tuition assistance to Catholic schools.

• Not all parishes have schools, but each has religious education. A Religious Education & Formation Endowment will be created to offer partial scholarships for the formation of parish coordinators and directors of religious education, youth ministers, religious education teachers and other lay ministries.

• While not all supported the construction of the Cathedral of Christ the Light, it has been built and it is the Mother Church of our diocese. Total debt on the complex is currently $65 million; a minimum of $30 million will allow for a restructuring of the debt with extended payments over a longer period of time at reduced rates.

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