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placeholder June 24, 2013   •   VOL. 51, NO. 12   •   Oakland, CA
Letters from Readers
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Role models

Some of the late Father Andrew Greeley's novels were considered scandalous, we read in the brief notice on Page 5 (Voice, June 10), "with their portraits of hypocritical and sinful clerics." On the same page we read of a contemporary archbishop who was "unaware that a priest who agreed not to have unsupervised contact with minors was working with youngsters" and who "sought the resignation of the archdiocese's vicar general for mishandling the priest's case." The hypocrisy and sinfulness in the latter item are implicit, but we know now, sadly and too well, that Father Greeley didn't have to go far to find models for his characters.

Ideally there would have been room on the page to continue with the obituary apparently being quoted: Father Greeley also wrote more than 70 works of nonfiction ... "including 'Priests: A Calling in Crisis' (2004). The title notwithstanding, the research he presented in that book found that priests are among the happiest men in the United States—a conclusion that mirrored his own experience. 'Andy loved being a priest, and he spoke very positively about the priesthood,' said the Rev. Greg Sakowicz, who was pastor of St. Mary of the Woods Parish in Chicago for many of the years when Father Greeley helped with weekend Masses there. 'His Masses were very personal,' he said. 'Families with young children loved his Masses ...' " (America/The National Catholic Review.)

Jacquelin Pels
Walnut Creek

Blessed to have bishop

At the end of May, I had major surgery to remove one of my kidneys and I want to publicly thank Bishop Michael C. Barber, SJ, for his absolutely wonderful pastoral care shown to me, one of his fellow priests.

His phone calls and text messages as well as his donation of blood in my name, his pastoral visit while I was in the hospital, his gift of a plant and Mass offerings and prayers have done more for my recovery than one can ever imagine.

We are blessed to have him as our new bishop!

Rev. Vince Cotter
Pastor, St. Agnes Parish, Concord

Bad Voice

Is it not time for The Catholic Voice to have an editorial makeover when its reference (News in Brief, June 10) to the Rev. Andrew Greeley is so selective and superficial?

This is the priest who wrote among his 70 scholarly books of nonfiction: "The Catholic Myth: The Behavior and Beliefs of American Catholics," "The Catholic Imagination" and "The Catholic Revolution;" the last two published by the University of California Press.

Referring to him as being most widely known by his novels which "some considered scandalous with their portraits of hypocritical and sinful clerics" is like referring to Tiger Woods for being most widely known for his extramarital extravagances rather than his 70 plus tournament victories and 14 major titles!

E.W. Whittaker

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Letters to the editor provide a forum for readers to engage in an open exchange of opinions and concerns in a climate of respect and civil discourse. The opinions expressed are those of the writers, and not necessarily of the Catholic Voice or the Diocese of Oakland. While a full spectrum of opinions will sometimes include those which dissent from Church teaching or contradict the natural moral law, it is hoped that this forum will help our readers to understand better others’ thinking on critical issues facing the Church at this time.

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