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placeholder February 4, 2013   •   VOL. 51, NO. 3   •   Oakland, CA
Letters from Readers
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Too much forgiveness

In response to Sandra Mortimore (Forum, Jan. 21) questioning my Dec. 17 letter, it was my observation that a majority of people accept abortion, homosexuality and many Catholics do not attend Mass. These are facts anyone can look up (even Father Robert Barron makes similar comments).

I wasn't judging these people; God is the only Judge. I merely stated the fact in relation to Our Lady's message at Fatima. Of course Christianity is compassionate, but remember, "Of forgiveness be not overconfident, adding sin upon sin. Say not: 'Great is his mercy; my many sins he will forgive'. For mercy and anger alike are with him; upon the wicked alights his wrath." (Sir 5:5-7) Amen?

Lindon Andrew Sjolander

Love for life

It's good to see that the love for life is alive and well.

I get so excited when I know that the mothers of Colin Kaepernick and Tim Tebow saved their babies' lives. What a contribution they made to American sports. And look at all the joy their babies give us.

Justin Beiber is another baby that was saved. And I'm sure there are others who were saved by their mothers. Long live life and love.

Lillian Silver
Walnut Creek

Gone too far

As a Catholic Christian, I know that I am called to be a person of hope but sadly, I believe that it is too late for that in this country of narcissists. We have become a people of immorality, self-centeredness, lying, cheating, me first, do your own thing, I got mine, the heck with everyone else people.

The winds of downfall have been blowing long and hard and it won't be long before it completely crumbles at the feet of those who have been plotting our demise for a long time. We have either been asleep or so busy indulging ourselves we have paid no heed to the punishment we are bringing upon ourselves.

When chastisement happens, we will blame God, as we always do when in fact we are the ones who are responsible. Slowly but quite surely, the freedoms that were given to us by God and fought for countless times by the men and women of our military are eroding.

We are murdering innocent babies, legally. We are allowing the sacrament of Marriage, instituted by Jesus Christ, to be desecrated. We are defending the rights of people who are stealing their way into the United States of America, pushing the people who have abided by the rules to the back of the line and we call that compassion. That is not compassion; that is stealing. We are taking away the right to worship God, or even speak His holy name in public.

We are brainwashing our little children to believe the government is our god and sadly, too many of these children don't even know who Jesus Christ is. It is in the name of Jesus Christ who this country was founded upon. It was the freedoms given by Our Lord, Jesus Christ that our Founding Fathers fought and died for.

This country was not founded on the principles of Muhammad and I am sick to death of cowering in a corner, afraid to say what is true. I am sick of the lies that have been procreated by political correctness run amok! I am sick to death of witnessing the generations of today not teaching their little children about their Christian heritage and I am sick to death of every child getting a trophy just so we won't hurt their self-esteem that isn't being developed properly anymore.

We have gone too far. If we think we can pull ourselves back, we had better get down on our knees now, with our children and start over. We had better begin by asking God for forgiveness for the sins that we have committed and we had better have enough Humility to beg Him for guidance for as it stands now, we don't have a bright future and the light is growing dimmer each day.

And we had better ask God for the courage to open our mouths and speak what is true and stop being cowards. We must get back our voices, our confidence, our morals, our hope and most important, our God or we are surely lost!

Pam Brady
Pleasant Hill

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Letters to the editor provide a forum for readers to engage in an open exchange of opinions and concerns in a climate of respect and civil discourse. The opinions expressed are those of the writers, and not necessarily of the Catholic Voice or the Diocese of Oakland. While a full spectrum of opinions will sometimes include those which dissent from Church teaching or contradict the natural moral law, it is hoped that this forum will help our readers to understand better others’ thinking on critical issues facing the Church at this time.

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