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A summary of Bishop Cordileone's upcoming schedule
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placeholder  July 16, 2012   •   VOL. 50, NO. 12   •   Oakland, CA

July 19: (Morning) Bishop's Administrative Council, Chancery

         (Afternoon) Chancery staff lunch

July 21:
(Morning) Mass and perpetual profession, Orinda

         (Evening) Crèche Festival reception, Chancery

July 22:
10 a.m. Stational Mass, Cathedral

July 23:
Seminarian summer formation, St. Bede's

July 25-26:
National Association of Catholic Family Life Ministers meeting, Dallas

July 29:
Mass, Napa Institute

Aug. 1-3:
Canon Law Conference, Wisconsin

Aug. 5:
10 a.m. Stational Mass, Cathedral

Aug. 6:
Seminarian summer seminar, San Damiano

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Bishop at Napa Institute

Solemn Pontifical Celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of Mass in the Extraordinary Form will be celebrated by the Most Rev. Salvatore J. Cordileone, bishop of Oakland, at 8 a.m. July 29 on the closing day of the annual Napa Institute. The mission of the Napa Institute is "to equip Catholic leaders to defend and advance the Catholic Faith in 'the Next America' — today's emerging secular society," according to its website. Its CEO is Timothy Busch, who practices law in Orange County. Speakers at the four-day event, which will consider topics including religious freedom, Catholic education and reason and faith, include the Most Rev. Charles Chaput, archbishop of Philadelphia, the Most Rev. Robert Morlino, bishop of Madison, Wisconsin, and the Rev. Robert Barron, rector of Mundelein Seminary near Chicago and the creator and host of "Catholicism," the 10-part documentary series about the Catholic faith. For addition information, see www.napa-institute.org.

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The crèche from St. Jerome Parish in El Cerrito.

Christmas in July

Christmas in July, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. July 21 at the Cathedral Plaza, 2121 Harrison St., Oakland, is an evening celebration benefiting the 2012 Crèche Festival.

Last Christmas, 28 parishes entered the diocesan crèche-building contest.

The Most Rev. Salvatore J. Cordileone and Rev. Raymond Sacca will host the July fundraiser, which will feature live entertainment by the Bishop O'Dowd High School Jazz Combo, a silent auction and a tasting of fine wines and hors d'oeuvres provided by the cathedral's caterers. Please bring a new, unwrapped toy to support the Toys for Tots Program for needy children. Admission: adults, $20 per person plus new, unwrapped toy or $25 per person with no toy. For reservations and information: www.ctlcathedral.org.

Join the jubilee choir

Terrance Kelly, director of the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, will present two workshops and rehearsals in August to form a diocesan gospel choir to sing during the prelude to the diocesan Jubilee Mass at 4 p.m. Aug. 22.

The rehearsals/workshops will be at the Cathedral of Christ the Light, 2121 Harrison St., Oakland from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Aug. 11 and 18.

To sign up for these workshops and sing in the choir please email Denise Kogler, Office Manager for Cathedral Ministries, dkogler@oakdiocese.org.

Corpus Christi
About 400 people joined for the second annual Corpus Christi procession at the Cathedral of Christ the Light on June 10. Cathedral Rector Rev. Ray Sacca was the presider and carried the monstrance in the procession, aided by Rev. Joseph Nguyen, parochial vicar, and Deacons Rey Encarnacion, Peter Cuong Dac Ta and Jorge Angel.
Maura A. Bonnarens Courtesy photo
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More to come

WASHINGTON — Although legal scholars and political observers will likely spend days parsing each line of the 193 pages of U.S. Supreme Court opinions and dissents on the health reform law, the court's June 28 decision is not likely to be its final word on the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. "It seems to me the (Obama) administration has won one legal challenge and there are 23 others waiting in the wings," said Mark Rienzi, senior counsel at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty and a professor of constitutional law at The Catholic University of America's Columbus School of Law. Another 12 lawsuits involving 43 Catholic dioceses, schools, hospitals, social service agencies and other institutions were filed simultaneously in May; several private employers, Catholic organizations such as Priests for Life and Legatus and some non-Catholic colleges also are challenging the mandate in court.

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Mission work

VATICAN CITY — Bringing God's word to mission lands is successful only when missionaries live the Gospel with joy and share the love and goodness they receive from God, Pope Benedict XVI said. "What is good has the inherent need to be conveyed, to give itself; it cannot stay closed up in itself (because) something good and goodness itself are essentially 'communication,'" that is, sharing with others, he said during a brief visit to a center belonging to the missionaries of the Society of the Divine Word.

Leaks are 'grave crimes'

CORK, Ireland — The head of the Vatican's highest court described the spate of leaks of confidential Vatican documents as "most grave crimes" and warned that those responsible must be discovered and "appropriately sanctioned." Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, prefect of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signature, said the confidentiality of Pope Benedict XVI's communications must be respected in order for the pope to carry out his work in service of the church. "It is not a question of hiding anything but of respecting conscience," the U.S.-born cardinal told reporters following his address to the Fifth Fota International Liturgy Conference.

Pope defends cardinal

VATICAN CITY — Pope Benedict XVI reaffirmed his trust in the Vatican's secretary of state and defended him against a barrage of "unjust criticism" in the Italian media. In a letter addressed to "dear brother" Italian Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, 77, the pope expressed his "profound appreciation for your discreet presence and wise counsel, which I have found particularly helpful over recent months." Italian media had been speculating that Cardinal Bertone would soon be replaced as secretary of state because of the Vatican infighting revealed in the leaks scandal.

Holy See loss

VATICAN CITY — The Holy See sustained its largest budget deficit of the past decade in 2011 as a result of global financial trends, the Vatican said July 5. But Vatican City State, which includes the income-generating Vatican Museums and Vatican post office, ended 2011 with a surplus of 21.8 million euros ($27 million). The budget of the Holy See, which includes the offices of the Roman Curia and its communications outlets such as Vatican Radio, recorded a deficit of 14.9 million euros ($18.4 million) at the end of 2011. It was the largest budget deficit recorded in the past decade and reversed the 2010 surplus of 9.8 million euros ($12 million). Total expenditures for the Holy See in 2011 were 263.7 million euros ($326.4 million) with 248.8 million euros ($308 million) in revenues.

Higgs boson

VATICAN CITY — The discovery of a new sub-atomic particle — the so-called Higgs boson — may help scientists discover how the hidden structure of all matter in the universe works, a Vatican astronomer said. "It indicates that reality is deeper and more rich and strange than our everyday life," U.S. Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno told Catholic News Service. When people go about their everyday business working or relaxing, they don't think about the tiniest building blocks of physical matter, but "without these underlying little things, we wouldn't be here," he said. Physicists working with the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research laboratory in Geneva, announced July 4 that they were 99.999 percent certain they found evidence of a new particle that might be key to the structure of the universe and to understanding nature.

Raising people to God

VATICAN CITY — Christians find fulfillment not by using power or force to realize their own wishes, but by being submissive to God's will and serving others, Pope Benedict XVI said. Many in the world today are surrounded by people or things that threaten to become the guiding force in their lives, therefore, "it's necessary to have a hierarchy of values in which the top priority is God," the pope said during his weekly general audience in the Paul VI hall June 27.

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