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placeholder  March 5, 2012   •   VOL. 50, NO. 5   •   Oakland, CA
Letters from Readers
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Jubilee and the magi

Congratulations on publishing the Golden Jubilee year talk given by Bishop Emeritus John S. Cummins on the Feast of the Epiphany.

His concise and complete history is outstanding in the way he brings the story of the magi in the preface of the talk and describes the men and women who worked as modern magi in the new diocese. In his innovative way, he describes the current stage of our history by relating back to the original story of the magi. It was a very exceptional and entertaining homily.

Cecilia A. Larsen

'Subversive' Church leaders

This is in response to J.A. Smith's letter (Forum, Feb. 6) in which he supports the death penalty. He states: "Letters opposing the death penalty are long on pompous indignation and short on rational thought," and "The subversive element within the Church (a.k.a. social justice) threatens innocent life and social stability under the guise of championing human life."

Lawyer Smith's sense of timing was absolutely incredible. In the same issue, on page 2, there was an article quoting Pope Benedict XVI calling on the Church in America to render "public moral witness" on crucial social issues. This was while the pope was speaking to a group of US bishops on Jan. 19. And seemingly in response to this, on pages 3 and 10, Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone is telling us it is time to abolish the death penalty. The bishop's article is very long on rational thought and is lacking in any pompous indignation at all.

So it appears that this "subversive element within the Church" includes its world and our local leaders. That's pretty surprising isn't it?

W.D. Wright
San Leandro

Courage against death penalty

Thank you to Bishop Cordileone for speaking out so clearly on the need to abolish the death penalty. It was very encouraging to those of us who oppose capital punishment. His words ironically appeared in the same edition of The Voice (Forum, Feb. 6) as a letter which labeled anti-death penalty opponents as "death penalty subversives."

We Catholics need to have courage and give this important moral issue much more attention.

Mario Starc

Death penalty 'subversives'

I find it laughable when someone makes a statement about the Church's innocence in torture and killing. My ancestors came to the New World, centuries ago, as Conquistadores carrying out the State's and the Church's orders. Their actions make me hesitant to admit that I have the same blood in my veins. To follow the recent discussion in the Forum, if the Church has no place in the discussion of the death penalty, then (illogically) the Church cannot address stem cell research, divorce laws and abortion regulations. This is a false premise, we citizens who are also devout in our faiths look to our Church for leadership and direction, not confusion and certainly not silence.

To claim that violence the death penalty protects society is to deny that violence destroys society. To claim that the state cannot make mistakes is to deny truth and history. To change the call of the question, which was a discussion of the Church's teachings on the death penalty is an attempt to obfuscate the issues.

If indeed, I am a subversive because I believe in non-violence and forgiveness, then I stand with my fellow subversives: Gandhi, Cesar Chavez, Mother Teresa, and our Lord, Jesus Christ. But please, I am not fit to be included in their company, I am simply following my Lord's teachings in the best way I can.

Xavier R. Baeza, Esq.

Thanks from St. Patrick

I just wanted to send a note of thanks for the beautiful article that was written about our new Infant Care facility for Catholic Schools Week (Voice, Jan. 23). Your writer really got to the heart of the story and presented our new center in a very positive way.

I am also grateful for all of the attention you gave our Catholic schools during this special time of the year. It was a wonderful edition full of stories highlighting all that is good about Catholic education. Thank you for keeping us as one of your focuses. I am very grateful to see this kind of support at a Diocesan level.

Kelly Stevens, principal,
St. Patrick School, Rodeo

Inadequate response

Your editor's note to Katherine Hudson (Forum, Feb. 21) was completely inadaquate and misleading. What Vatican II said and what our bishops and priests did are nowhere near the same and that is why there is this ongoing question of "What Happened."

One simple item is Vatican II says absolutely nothing about removing altar rails but yet they are all gone. This is but one example of how the modernists have taken over the church.

Your treatment of this kind of comment is just wrong. Why is it that all editors avoid the real and truth? Your answer is very similar to what we get from the secular press which today has no truth when it comes to politics as it is married to the Democratic political party and what is real and truthful simply does not count. It is scary we cannot get objective and correct information from our Catholic press.

Robert Lockwood

CYO refs donate

The ZebraCrew are the REFerees of the Southern Alameda County- CYO boys hoops. For the last four years, willing participants of the Crew donate one game's pay to be donated to causes and or organizations in the East Bay. The REFs consist of high school-aged kids-to-adults with various levels of REF experience from the several Catholic parishes from San Leandro to Union City and in between.

Recipients so far this year are St. Jarlath School and St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room. Past recipients included McClymonds HS Lady Warriors, Bibleway Apostolic Church, East Oakland Youth Development Center, SVdP, FESCO and several families. Thank you for spreading the good word!

Mark Leyva
Director of REFerees
San Leandro

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Letters to the editor provide a forum for readers to engage in an open exchange of opinions and concerns in a climate of respect and civil discourse. The opinions expressed are those of the writers, and not necessarily of the Catholic Voice or the Diocese of Oakland. While a full spectrum of opinions will sometimes include those which dissent from Church teaching or contradict the natural moral law, it is hoped that this forum will help our readers to understand better others’ thinking on critical issues facing the Church at this time.

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