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CURRENT ISSUE:  September 19, 2011
VOL. 49, NO. 16   •   Oakland, CA
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exciting, interesting
The Cathedral of Christ the Light’s website is www.ctlcathedral.org.
Starting this issue, look for Cathedral news on The Church page.

The Cathedral of Christ the Light has launched a new website designed to create excitement and interest that focuses on the cathedral’s many events.

“The new website for the Cathedral of Christ the Light is attractive, informative and easy to navigate,” Father Raymond Sacca, cathedral rector, said. “I believe that it will be an essential tool for re-establishing the important relationship that the people of our diocese have with their cathedral.”

Leo Keegan, director of docent and ministerial services, said he pored over the websites of many other cathedrals for their “best practices” to incorporate in the Oakland cathedral’s site, especially that of San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral.

“We don’t want to look like other diocesan sites,” Keegan said. Instead, the goal was to create an attractive site with a design based on the cathedral’s brand, highlighting an architectural feel.

When a visitor clicks on a category tab, such as Cathedral Life, that tab opens onto its own web page. People interested in joining the parish will soon be able to register online; at present forms can be downloaded, as can forms and information about the sacraments and getting involved in parish ministries. Mass times and directions can be accessed from different points on the website, making that information readily accessible.

With the cathedral being a nexus of community activity, there’s a focus on events, which are highlighted on the left-hand side of the website.

Each department manages its own areas, Keegan explained. For example, Music Director Rudy de Vos is responsible for managing the website’s music content.

There are areas for the Mausoleum, Cathedral Shop and the soon-to-reopen Cathedral café, the City Lights Café as well.

“It’s so much more than we had before,” Keegan said.

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