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CURRENT ISSUE:  March 21, 2011
VOL. 49, NO. 6   •   Oakland, CA
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Chris Good, the new executive director of Family Aid – Catholic Education, or FACE, began work March 14, and plans to meet FACE supporters at the April 2 dinner and gala. He answered some questions for The Catholic Voice.

Chris Good
What do you bring to FACE?

With over 20 years of experience as a development professional and a great passion for mission-based fundraising, my commitment as the new executive director of the FACE program is to foster quality relationship building among all interested people who have a desire to support Catholic school students and families in need of financial support.

I am so inspired by the many faithful people of the Church who share in the story of success in Catholic education, particularly committed teachers, principals, and eager students. I believe the everyday good news of Catholic education is clear to be seen if we only stop to prayerful consider the events of the day.

Through consistent and strategic outreach to individuals, corporations, foundations and families, I am confident that there will be new stories that rise to the top of our reasons to celebrate the success of young learners in the Diocese of Oakland. With the help of the so many generous donors and volunteers associated with the FACE program, I am confident that greatness is only a moment away.

What are some of the challenges in today’s economy?

Given the new normal of today’s economic climate, there is great urgency to act now to invest in education, particularly for those most in need. Acknowledging that there has been a tremendous history of success as well as more recent challenges, I am grateful for the opportunity to work to position FACE to broaden its support and create sustainable structures that foster confidence and connection among all partners.

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