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Catholic Voice
  CURRENT ISSUE:   September 6, 2010   •   VOL. 48, NO. 15   •   Oakland, California
Use of new
Roman Missal
to begin
Advent 2011

The announcement by Cardinal Francis E. George of Chicago, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, marks the formal beginning of a more-than-15-month period of education and training leading to the first use of the “third typical edition” of the Roman Missal at English-language Masses in the U.S. in 2011.      >>>
Related stories:
      • ‘Tremendous amount of work’ ahead
        before new English missal is published
      • Worshippers at Spanish-language Masses
        in U.S. won’t use new Roman missal yet
Cathedral Sunday set for
Sept. 12 in Oakland Diocese

Parishes will have the opportunity to celebrate the second anniversary of the dedication of the Cathedral of Christ the Light.      >>>
Parishes to join efforts
to curb violence

A broad array of law enforcement agencies met with Oakland’s police leadership and faith-based and community leaders to discuss a long-term model for reducing crime and gang violence.      >>>
Congress urged to keep
religious hiring rights

Leaders from religious organizations ask Congress to turn back legislation that would deny religious charities receiving federal grants the right to hire only people of the same faith.      >>>

CNS photo/Adrees Latif/Reuters
Disaster in Pakistan
A family wades through floodwaters in the Pakistani province of Punjab, one of the areas devastated by recent floods. The United Nations estimates that more than 20 million of Pakistanís 170 million people have been affected. Millions have been left destitute. In some areas the land has been permanently destroyed, ravaging the local agricultural economy.

Catholic Relief Services is providing shelter and hygiene kits to victims and is hiring local Pakistanis to rebuild water supply systems.

Or: Catholic Relief Services 228 W. Lexington St. Baltimore, MD 21201-3413


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