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CURRENT ISSUE:  June 9, 2008
VOL. 46, NO. 11   •   Oakland, CA
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Immigration issue is lower election priority, but Latino voters still crucial

WASHINGTON (CNS) — With a sour economy, a war in its sixth year, gas prices at record levels and good health care increasingly unattainable, voters have other priorities ahead of worries about illegal immigration, pollsters say.

A May voter survey found immigration to be voters’ fifth biggest concern behind those other issues, with seven percent citing it as their top issue.

A woman holds a sign that says, “Today we march, to-mor-row we vote,” during an immigration march and rally in Los Angeles.
The Battleground Poll by the Tarrance Group, Lake Research, and George Washington University released in late May found the economy and jobs to be the top election priority for 23 percent of voters.

Brian Nienaber, vice president of the Tarrance Group, said the heat on immigration as a political issue has been turned down significantly this year, now that the possibility of comprehensive immigration legislation is off the congressional table and the positions of the leading presidential candidates on the topic aren’t far apart from each other.

However, Arturo Vargas, executive director of the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, said Latinos will be more influential than ever in November, driven largely by a huge influx of newly registered voters.

Vargas said a nationwide campaign to get Latino immigrants to become citizens and register to vote and a current effort to encourage voting are showing results in presidential primaries. More than a million new voters were registered between January and October 2007 through the campaign, which was co-sponsored by Vargas’ group, other Latino organizations and Hispanic media companies.

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